The teen class has been studying the book of James chapter 1. Here are some of the main points from that chapter:

  • Be joyful in persecution (verse 2)
  • Be thankful to be in humble circumstances (verses 9-10)
  • Don’t give up during hard times (verse 12)
  • Avoid being angry (verse 19)
  • Don’t just listen to Christ teachings – practice them (verse 22)
  • Control your words (26)
  • Do not become mixed up with the world (verse 27)

This is contradictory to the world. Otherwise it wouldn’t have to be taught.

What this tells me is that we are citizens in an upside-down Kingdom. Everything the world tells us to do gets flipped on its head when we enter the Kingdom of God.

  • Be patient, not impulsive
  • Be thankful, not disgruntled
  • Be calm, not quick tempered
  • Be different, not the same.

Is it obvious that you live in an upside-down Kingdom? Take some time and consider how to be different from the world.