Last night at VBS we had 290 people here at North Heights!
Let me spell that out for you: two hundred and ninety people. That is pretty amazing. I’m so proud of you for coming and supporting this great work of the Lord. Let me encourage you to keep coming and keep inviting people everyday. I know of someone who has decided this week to start worshipping here with us at North Heights after coming to our VBS. They want to be involved in what we are doing here. They want to learn more about God’s word and grow closer to Him. All from attending our VBS. God can do amazing work saving souls through you.

Here we are about midway through our VBS and it is important to not slack off but keep coming each night. I have heard, that if we have 300+ then there are two ministers that will get a pie in the face. While we want to have fun let’s remember too, why we are having this much fun. Its all for His glory!

What have we learned so far?

We have been challenged to: 
Obey God in the story of Jonah
Believe in Jesus in the story of Thomas
See what God is able to do in the story of Elijah
Tonight, we will be challenged to:
Trust in God in the story of Jehoshaphat
Then tomorrow night, we will conclude with the the challenge to:
Know God and His Word in the story of Josiah

God can do amazing things through you so make it a priority to be here for VBS and invite others to come with you. You may have to even pick them up and give them a ride.

~ Alexander