It’s mid-October and cool weather is here. And I know Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet, much less Thanksgiving, but I’m already thinking about Christmas! I’m already thinking about the songs, the snow, and the sweets that will soon be here. Of course, I’m also thinking about gifts.

Personally, all I want for Christmas is money to buy other people whatever I’m getting them for Christmas!

Everyone’s Christmas list varies. We give our spouses things we wouldn’t give our dads. We give our kids things we wouldn’t give our friends. We give our co-workers whatever the bare-minimum is in accordance with the office policy.

It varies.

What should you give a sinner?

I’m reminded that God gave His Son to the sinful world (John 3:16). We should follow His example. Find a sinner that needs Jesus and give Him the gift today; don’t wait till December! Of course, the words “a sinner that needs Jesus” is redundant; every sinner needs Jesus and no sinner has Him.

You have Him, Christian.

Share Him!

~ Matthew