The following is copied from the words of Ted Knight, one of the greatest preachers in the history of our state…

We have all been confined now for 6-8 weeks and it is getting old isn’t it? The President and the Governor and all other officials have told us over and over what we CAN’T do. Are you tired of that? I am so tired of it and I think that we all should put our brains in gear and think of some things that we CAN do. I offer some here for your consideration:

1. We CAN be of the same mind with one another in Christ. Phil. 2:2.
2. We CAN do all things without murmuring and disputing. Phil. 2:14.
3. We CAN know Jesus Christ. Phil 3:8-9,11
4. We CAN be properly focused. Phil.3:13-14.
5. We CAN rejoice in a world that has little to rejoice about. Phil. 4:4
6. We CAN be gentle. Phil. 4:5
7. We CAN overcome worry. Phil. 4:6.
8. We CAN have peace. Phil. 4:7.
9. We CAN know what to think about. Phil. 4:8
10. We CAN be a good example. Phil. 4:9.
11. We CAN learn to be content. Phil. 4:11.
12. We CAN know that our needs will be supplied. PHIL. 4:19
How can we do these things?13. We CAN do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens us. Phil. 4:13

Let’s move out of this ‘can’t do’ environment and into the ‘CAN DO’ world.

Well said.