Am I the only one that struggles with my prayer life? Does anyone else struggle with when to pray? Like, I know I should be in prayer about certain things. I know I should pray and thank God at certain times. But I struggle, and maybe you do too. We need to remind ourselves that praying should be: 

  1. Scheduled – Having set times to pray can help us develop a habit of prayer. Remember Daniel? (He’s one of my most favorite biblical heroes BTW) He had the habit of praying three times a day.- Daniel 6:10. It would not hurt to imitate him by praying three times daily: morning, noon, and evening. At the very least, make time each day to spend time in prayer
  2. Spontaneous – Prayer is not to be limited to set times. Jesus spent all night in prayer before selecting His apostles (Luke 6:12-13). Nehemiah prayed silently on the spur of the moment (Nehemiah. 2:4-5). The Israelites prayed to God in the middle of a battle (1 Chronicles 5:20). When the mood strikes, lift your voice, mind, thoughts, and cares to God and tell him how you feel. Tell him what you need. Praise Him for what He has done. Let it come naturally.
  3. Steady – Don’t let prayer be something that you fall back on only when times are tough. Don’t let prayer be something you go to only when you want to praise God. Give him praise prayer when things are good, and when things are bad, ask for his help. The idea is that no matter what is happening in your life, you are praying steadily. Paul says, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). It should be your way of life. 

These are all areas I know I can do better in, and I bet you can too! 

Shall we Pray?