Let’s face it, brothers and sisters. We live in Arkansas and the chances of having a white Christmas are probably 1 in a million. Some of you may be saying, so your telling me there’s a chance.” Well not really. I’ve lived here my whole life and I don’t really ever remember a true white Christmas. I remember plenty of Christmases with 80 degree sunny days. Even enough to have to turn on the AC. But enough about the weather…

I believe God wants us to experience a white Christmas but not necessarily anything to do with the holiday on the 25th nor the weather forecast. I believe God wants us to experience the purity of being white and clean because of the appearing of His Son, Jesus Christ. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas for you that will last forever. But let’s stop dreaming about it and let’s make it a reality. Read your Bibles in Titus 3:1-9 and I think you will see will what its going to take for you to have a white Christmas forever.

Join us on Sunday at NHCOC and we will examine this passage and learn it together.

8 AM Worship Service (Masks required)

9 AM Bible Class (Job 25-26)*

10 AM Worship Service (Masks requested)*


I love you,