This picture is not a painting. It’s an actual “church building” high on a hill, piercing through the wintry fog. It’s light shines like a beacon for all those below.

Or does it?

Could it be that it’s so high up on the hill that no one can reach it? Isn’t it likely that many on the bottom of the hill will see the hazy glow, but never even attempt to ascend to its source, because the distance is too vast?

Are we shining the light so bright in order to draw people in, or to show ourselves off? I know Jesus tells us to let our lights shine, the way a city on a hill can’t be hid (Matthew 5:14-16), but we must also be careful not to put the lights too high, so that it can only be seen and not reached.

Is our attitude one that says “Here is the light, come to it and find life in Christ” or does it say “here is the light, it’s mine because I’m special and you’re not.” A “holier-than-thou” attitude (Isaiah 65:5) does nothing and helps no one.

Let’s make sure our lights are shining, and for the right reason.

I love you,
~ Matthew