Did you know that we still need someone to volunteer to teach the 5th and 6th grade Bible class on Wednesday evenings in the Spring quarter? (The NEW SPRING QUARTER will being on Sunday March 7th and Wednesday March 10th)

WHY you need to volunteer for this teaching opportunity:

  1. Can you imagine at 6:30 pm on March 10th telling the 5th and 6th graders at North Heights that no one volunteered, so we don’t know what to do nor where to send them? Can you imagine their faces if we had to tell them that there wasn’t anyone that wanted to teach them? It would break their hearts.
  2. This teaching opportunity is one of the last spots to be filled for Spring, and we need you to volunteer asap. (Call me or text me now!) We have all the material ready for you, and it is so easy to use.
  3. Some of our current teachers have been teaching since September, and they need a break. All we are asking is for you to step up to the challenge and say you will do it. It’s tempting to think someone else will volunteer. Still, this year is so different, and we are limited on the number of available volunteers and need your help desperately.
  4. I know it is very tempting to reason in your mind that you have already found your niche at North Heights and in the service to the Kingdom. But, I’m asking you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take on this important job.

WHY this is an important job:

  1. The students in this class are still soaking up as much Biblical information they possibly can.
  2. The students in this class can understand and begin putting together everything they have learned in their previous bible classes.
  3. The students in this class will probably obey the gospel of Christ in the next few years. You have an opportunity to plant the seed and encourage them to be reaching toward that goal. These students will be in the youth group in one to two years, and you have the opportunity to lay a foundation for their faith to continue to grow.
  4. The students in this class will respect and appreciate the effort you put into each lesson, and you will grow a long-lasting relationship with them.


Because we need your help now! Please volunteer today. 

I love you,


* This article was intentionally written to pull at your heartstrings and perhaps put a little pressure on you to volunteer. However, it was also written out of love for you and an understanding that the Lord will provide someone to volunteer. We just think it should be you 😉