I was asked a really great question the other day: “Why did God make us if He knew we would sin?”

And while that question can easily lead you down a rabbit hole of contemplation and wonder, I think it’s possible to figure it out without going too deep into the philosophical realm. Think about it like this: If you have a child, you knew when you first found out you were pregnant that your son would grow into a young person and eventually an adult and that he would make bad choices that upset you.

You never seriously regretted having him, I suspect, and if you could go back in time I doubt you would change the fact that he’s your son, right?

God made you, even though you disappoint Him sometimes, because He wanted a part of His creation that could think and feel and love and serve in a way the simple animals can not. I think it’s looking at things backwards to say “if we’re so bad why did God make us?” Let’s not forget that God didn’t make us bad, and let’s especially not forget God’s ability (through Jesus’ blood) to make us good again!

Imagine it like this: If the doctor came to you and said “Ma’am, I want you to know your son is going to be born but he will die very soon after birth, but good news: You have the power to save him and make him 100% healthy. All you have to do is let me draw some of your blood and inject it into his veins.” Would you take that deal? Of course you would. How easy is that? A little blood transfusion one time and he won’t die? That’s a no brainer.

God made you, knowing He had the power to save you after you made the choice to fall into sin.

Why would He decide not to create you if saving you is so doable?