We here in the south don’t get snow very often and when we do it usually isn’t very thick. But every now and then, we get what we got over the last few days. And I can’t help but think that God does that on purpose to show us some things:

  1. We are not in control, He is. As much as we work to control our transportation, electricity, water, heat, etc…we control all of these things by His mercy. It’s a good reminder not to put our faith in things that can and do fail.
  2. He can make a million, trillion, bajillion individual snowflakes – all of them unique – and for Him, that’s just a Tuesday morning. Our God is huge and powerful.
  3. He is an artist that delights in beauty. Thomas Kincaid and Bob Ross were good, but they were only copying the work that God had already made.
  4. He loves making children smile. There are not many children who don’t get excited when they look out the window and see a thick snow on the ground. Jesus said that we all need to be like children; maybe we need to learn to enjoy all of the things God does, not just the blessings we pick and choose.
  5. There is nothing He cannot cover. In my yard there are rocks and sticks and grass and boards lining flower beds. But now all I see is a beautiful wavy snow. Maybe God is reminding us that what He can do to the ground, He can do to your sins through the blood of Jesus.

Just a few thoughts about the snow. Stay safe and warm. Let us know if you need any help over the next few freezing days.