This past month we have had wonderful opportunities to study a few key words and concepts from the scriptures that are at the core of what Christians should be demonstrating in our daily lives. These are WORDS TO LIVE BY.

Matthew kicked us off as we examined the word: COMPASSION in light of the woman who was caught in adultery (John 8). In this Sunday Sermon we were there on the scene as we saw the compassion demonstrated by our Lord. We have been challenged to have a compassionate heart to even those who are caught in the act. We have been challenged to couple our compassion with forgiveness and be generous with the grace and mercy our Lord gives to us. That is COMPASSION!

Next we examined the word: SUPPORT in view of what we receive from each other and what we receive from the Lord. We were reminded that we are in God’s family and that we stick together. We may laugh together, we may cry, we share together, dream together and go to heaven together all because of the support we gain from each other. It is what binds us together in love. We were reminded that we need to lean on the Lord. How safe and secure we are from all alarms when we are leaning on the everlasting arms of Jesus. That is SUPPORT!

We then had the pleasure and opportunity to examine the word: COMFORT and it was here that we learned that trials and tribulations are just a part of the Christian life but that comforts us too!!!. We looked into the text of 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 and saw what comfort is: First, Given by God (verses 3 & 4a) second, Comes through Christ (verse 5) and third, Passes to People (verses 6 & 7). We were challenged to live in real comfort because that is where salvation is found. That is COMFORT!

Last Sunday Shawn concluded our series as he examined with word: HARMONY. He encouraged us by teaching us that harmony is more than just singing in a four part blend of musical notes. It is a way of life that is dedicated to each other and dedicated to worshiping the God of heaven. We looked into the text of Revelation 5 and saw the harmony in the throne room of God. We are challenged to live everyday in harmony. Harmony is unity and unity is harmony. That is HARMONY!

What a blessing this past month has been I hope and pray that you have enjoyed these Sunday Sermons and that you will see these are WORDS to LIVE BY!

~ Alexander