Yesterday morning Walter, Shawn and Payton Reinhart and I worked together to get a few things taken down from our SUMMIT Youth Rally this past weekend. 

Which by the, way, if you were not here, you really missed a great weekend. Go ahead and make it a priority to be here next year. Even if you are 101 years old please come because our youth need your encouragement. They need your support. Being involved in the youth program and in this event shows you love them. You love them, right? Then, be here next year for SUMMIT. It really tempting to plan other things but don’t do it. Okay? Guilt trip over… now back to yesterday morning. 

We worked together and had a wonderful time, there were jokes told and lessons learned. We talked bible and even racketball. Here is the point when God’s people have a mind to work great things are able to be accomplished. You know the passage right?

Nehemiah 4:6So we built the wall and the whole wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.

God’s people come out of captivity, return to Jerusalem, and begin to rebuild the wall around their great city. There is just something special about God’s people working together that make great things happen. But it has to start in our minds. We have to have the mind to work. We have to decide we have a job to do and we are going to do it. 

That’s us at NHCOC. We have work to do. We have great future plans here at North Heights, are you ready to work? Do you have the mind for it? Great things are going to happen… get your mind ready.